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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brain-Dead Vegetarians

Consider this blog for your educational value only, if you're thinking of becoming a vegetarian, DON'T DO IT!!!!! Here's why. Well, by now we all know I hate PETA and I don't agree with any of their beliefs. Though I do believe they have a right to believe what they want. But they go so far as to force their beliefs on others. That is why I do not like PETA. And I do not like vegetarians that much either. You want to see an example of what happens to someone when all they eat is roots, leaves and bark? This is a collection of comments made by a vegetarian who calls himself yankovic1234.

2. "how would you like it if some one just came in and cut your stomach open and ate your meat you sick son of a bitch so FUCK YOU, you santan worshiper "

"Santan worshipper"? What's a "Santan"?? How can I worship something that I don't know what it is? LOL! Oh and that's not the end of it. Now little mister yankovic decides he's going to preach the word of the gospel to me:

3. "you can just rott in hell and i don't care do you seriously think god will forgive you for thinking this is okay to do HA it wont happen and your gonna rott in hell. Also i will laugh my ass off when god strikes you down in your foot steps cuz you think its funny "

I think he's funny. But I don't think it's in a manner he thinks. I asked him if he really knows who GOD is? I don't think he does. He never answered me. Anyway, he seems to think I was a man. So indeed I corrected him. This is what I said:

Hm, if this is the kind of language vegans use, then thank GOD I am a meat-eater!!! LOL!! Seriously, you think GOD cares if I eat meat? How well do you know GOD? If at all! Why do you think HE gave those animals such high reproductive rates? Because they were MADE to be EATEN!!!! :P BTW, I'm a woman. That's kinda like why my name ends in "Gal".

To which mister yankovic responds in this manner:

4. "Fine than your a BITCH, WHORE, SLUT"

Well, it was all part of a master plan, and this was a great example of what happens to people who go vegetarian. That's 4 times yankovic1234 lost it, and 4 times I managed to keep my cool. So that should prove a point. This was my closing (so I thought) argument presented on this video:

This just goes to show you all, a vegetarian is a very grumpy person!! So DON'T GO VEGETARIAN!! EAT PLENTY OF MEAT!!!
BTW, the steak came out gooooooood!!!! :P

If you go back to that thread, you'll find I did good in keeping my cool. I put it on yankovic's shoulders to lose his own temper. And it worked! LOL!! So after I mentioned that, yankovic decided he was going to back-peddal. This is his pathetic argument:

"you know something that makes you an even worse person than me is that your 35 and your arguing with a 12 year old so suck it "

Acting all innocent I see. Hm. And of course he's lying! He's not no 12-year old!! He's 15. Believe me, he's not better than me. In fact, he's nowhere NEAR as good as me! He was the one who resorted to name-calling and cussing to try and make his point. And you all know how I am about people like that. LOL! I have ZERO respect for people like that. And I have zero respect for cowards like yankovic1234.

So yankovic1234 finds he cannot get to me by cussing me out for my beliefs, so what does he do next? LOL! You guessed it, he resorts to calling me fat-names. I guess he thinks he's saying something new and different. But believe me, I've heard it all before and it doesn't bother me. But he thinks it does, and I like to entertain people in his position. Just to see how far they will go. These are the messages he sent me off the video thread. Usually I make it a point not to reveal things said in PMs. But when a person like yankovic1234 sends me a message like this, trying to hide who he really is, I feel it is necessary to cross-post:

mabe the reason your so fat is because all that meat you eat so ha look who's healthy now"

I told him I may be fat, but at least I am a healthy fat-person. There is such a thing! This was his response:


I said I sure will, because it's the truth. This was his response:


I told him to keep on talking. He's proving more and more I was right about what happens to peoples' brains that don't eat meat. And I will keep posting his comments here, just in case he decides to continue to hide the person he really is. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't trust ANYONE who makes fun of fat people.

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