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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Aren't Going to Believe This!

I think I saw GERUSA on television on Monday!! The description fit perfectly. He was a New York bartender, big guy, blond hair, blue eyes, hated all non-whites, bad attitude, and he's more likely than anyone else to get sued. It was on a show titled "All Worked Up", it's a new show on TruTV. And this guy who works serving court summons to people getting sued, served this blond man court papers. Immediately, the blond man attacks the server. If that really was GERUSA, I'm not surprised!! And I don't envy him! LOL!! I'm still laughing about that one! I think it was just part of his ego booster to tell me I would envy him. And I do not believe he's a language teacher of any kind. His grammar and spelling was too bad for that. If he really is a language teacher, then that's a shame! Then all Italians, French and Spanish kids are going to go and tell their parents that all Americans are as dumb as GERUSA!!!! Not good!! People in those foreign countries already believe Americans are stupid! GERUSA would be just one way of proving they are right! :(

I will hand GERUSA one thing though! When it comes to trying to bring someone down, he tries very hard! Harder than a lot of people I know of. But unfortunately for him, someone like me, his tearing downs would never work on. Gotta admire his persistence though. But in my eyes, all his words were a desperate grasp at straws. LOL! Notice how he kept trying to convince me I was stupid, trash, a slut, a nobody. LOL! I almost felt sorry reading his attempts, he tries too hard, but gets nowhere with me. hehehe!

Well, I still gleem from ear to ear about how I kept my cool during that ruckus with GERUSA. Believe me, it was no fluke that I started a debate with the kind of person I hate the most: racists! I figured if I could keep my cool with him, then I can keep my cool with anyone!! It all went as planned! Believe me when I say that I knew exactly how he was going to react to each and every post I made. I've been through all of it before. Seems everywhere I go, I stir up shit because I'm not afraid to express my views. Even if the other person is not going to like what I have to say! LOL! So when I got into that argument with GERUSA, I carefully mapped out my responses, and calculated what his responses would be, and I was generally right! GERUSA is no different than anyone else I've been in confrontations with on the internet!! When I'm in a spat with someone, I choose my words carefully. Then I think about "how is this person going to respond to this?" In my experiences on the internet, I've noticed that if you show someone kindness that you are arguing with, they will get meaner and nastier. Remember the spat I had on the PETA Sucks forum with Mr. Cutthroat? I learned a lot about peoples' responses on the internet from that. When I said to the forum that I could have wished the deer he hit with his car had killed him, but I was actually glad it didn't. I knew right there what Mr. Cutthroat's reaction to that was going to be. And I was right!! He said "I wouldn't give a shit if you had wished the deer killed me and my whole family because you are a worthless piece of shit!" Yes, I actually knew that was going to be his reaction! I know his type! I probably knew that was what he was going to say before he even knew! LOL!

I typically get the "you don't know me" speech, or "you don't know shit about me" speech. But I always find it funny, the people who say that are always the most predictable ones! LOL! I always know what their next move is going to be. I just don't say anything because I don't want the other person's reaction to be hampered by what I believe they're going to do. I like to get their most honest reactions. It's fun when I am proven right. The only one who can genuinely say to someone "you don't know me" on the internet, is me! I'm too complex of a person. Whatever you think someone's reaction to something will be, I always do the opposite. That's just because that is who I am. I don't like being like other people. Though I have taken more to blocking people on YouTube, rather than get into another argument with them. I had to block someone the other night, who kept accusing me of being biased about the meat industry. Just because some years ago, I worked on a beef farm (for a very short while) and I know what I saw. And I took the side of the beef farmer. But she was twisted!! She kept saying "let's kill all people because their suffering is only temporary!" She was too crazy for me!

Anyway, I was proud of how I kept my cool with GERUSA. Very proud. I managed to keep my cool with the kind of person I hate most; racists. Second only to snobby show breeders on my shit list! But people like GERUSA hate other races and that is something that no one has control over. A person cannot help it if they are Mexican, Puerto Rican, white, mixed, black or American Indian! But a show breeder doesn't have to be snobby! They can be nice, and yes, I've seen a few nice ones in my day. I only wish there were many more of the nice ones.

Ya know, I remember on the Pluba forum, there was a show breeder named Carla. I kinda wonder what happened to her. I kinda liked her. LOL!! Sort of ironic. Everyone else thought she was nasty, and I've been saying how much I hate snobby show breeders. But I don't think Carla was snobby at all. I've met show breeders who were snobby, and gave their opinions and don't even say why they give their opinions! Not even when asked. Or they simply give opinions based on facts that don't matter anymore. Or they do anything to embarrass someone. Carla just told it like it is! And I like that! And when she wanted to trash someone, she did it to their faces. She didn't go into PMs and trash that person, not giving the other person a chance to respond. And that's another thing I hate about show breeders, but I liked about Carla. I wish I'd had half her gut and grit when I was trying to educate people. But I was always afraid of hurting them. It wasn't until afterwords that I realized I should have been honest from the get-go!

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