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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Put To A Test

This is the best test of character yet!! There is a dude I am into it with now who calls himself GERUSA4187211. This person is perhaps the worst one of all. He's definitely the rudest person I've ever seen on YouTube, and believe me, I've seen a lot!!! This is the biggest test of morality I've ever been into! And I'm doing good! I don't even feel anger with this guy. Though I would have plenty of good reason to. He's a racist. He openly admits it. I have always believed a person can be proud of their race. But this guy is using his race as a battering ram to knock down other races. So far, he has attacked the Mexicans, the British, and Islams. Nevermind that Britain is one of America's allies, he's attacked them anyway.

Well, this was the one comment that GERUSA wrote that I replied to:

Such bad spelling by a yellow-toothed Brit, who are the sad founders of the English language. Latino doesn't mean race, you idiot. I am a language teacher, primarily dealing with people of latin descent. The word "latin" only indicates a direct link to their heritage. Latino can be made up of Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian descent. IT IS NOT A RACE. Don't try to educate somebody in something that you can only find poor google ads to back up your shitty claims, when they went to college

It was the fact he stated that he is a teacher that scared me. This was my response to him:

The fact that you're a teacher of any kind would scare the Hell out of me! No wonder today's kids are so rude!!

I got his response this afternoon. This is what he said to me:

My personal life has nothing to do AT ALL with my career, you worthless cunt. Obviously I wouldn't have my job if it did, now would I ? Stupid piece of shit.

I kept my cool clear and simple. I don't let anything he says break my cool. This was how I responded to him:

So what have you accomplished in life by being a jerk?

To be honest, I had looked on his YouTube profile, which is public. His likes are as listed:

Sports: American Football, Snow Boarding, Soccer, Boxing, Volleyball (beach, court and water), Skiing, Martial Arts, Swimming, Water Polo, Rugby, Jet Skiing, Basketball, Surfing, Fishing, Snorkling, Cards, Chess, Backgammon, Darts, Billiards, Parties, Hanging With Friends and Family, Educating Myself, Opening the Eyes of the Ignorant, Beatboxing, Learning New Languages, Sex and Anything Else That's Fun.

Notice he states "Opening the eyes of the ignorant". So my question to him is intended to capitolize on this hobby of his. Here is another funny thing. Here is how he describes himself on his profile:

6'2", 195 lbs, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Very Handsome, 135 I.Q., Athletic, Friendly, Honest (even if the truth hurts), Outgoing, Life of the Party, AND PROUD TO BE A WHITE AMERICAN !¡!¡! What more is there to say ?¿?¿?

What caught my attention the most is how he says he is friendly, outgoing, and honest (even if the truth hurts). Take note, I was being very friendly to him (as friendly as can be expected considering he was attacking my nationality and poking fun and calling people a "halfbreed", which is what I am too). It's one thing to be honest, it's a totally different thing to attack and abuse everyone around you with the truth. That does not present the picture of a person who is friendly and outgoing. You will see what I mean as the thread goes on. Here is his response to me:

So now I'm a "jerk" because I speak upon the bad examples by latin Americans that I have seen with my own eyes ? You know shit about me, bitch. I could name you plenty of things I have done with my life, but there is no way I can prove it on Youtube, is there ? Trust me... my life is far better than yours, accomplishing things by hard work and a good upbringing... not by being a "jerk". So you can come back with any other irrelevant rhetoric your brain can muster, it means nothing, just like u

And even being pelted by apparent insults from this dude, I still managed to keep my cool, and speak to him as civil as I could. Here is my response:

"So now I'm a "jerk" because I speak upon the bad examples by latin Americans that I have seen with my own eyes ?"

Did I say that? No. But your profile says you like to educate the ignorant, and I always wanted to know what someone thinks they can accomplish by being rude and hateful. So tell me.

"Trust me... my life is far better than yours, accomplishing things by hard work and a good upbringing"

If you believe this, then you don't know anything about me!

Like he said in his previous post, I cannot prove on YouTube how hard of a worker I am. And when I want something done, I get it done!!! He will never know the kind of person I am because he is blinded by ignorance. But you all know how I am about people like that. I keep my personal info to people like this at a minimum. It's just not worth my time or effort to even try to convince them of anything. So, I feel it's better to let them think what they want. Apparenly, unlike him, I don't even flaunt it. Those who flaunt it, I've found, when they say they've accomplished so much, they're LYING!!!! I had to add this last paragraph in another post because YouTube only allows 500 characters per post!!!! I HATE that!!! Someone has to complain!!!

"So you can come back with any other irrelevant rhetoric your brain can muster "

You think this is what I am all about? Wow! I feel sorry for you. Truly. Maybe this is why your attitude is so bad. My prayers are with you dude. I sure hope you get the help you need!

I think he thinks that the whole World is out to get him, so that's why he greets everyone with rudeness and anger. Someone, somewhere along the way, has definitely hurt this person REAL bad!!!!!! And that is why I cannot get angry at him and why I say he has my prayers. Well, anyway, this was his response to me:

I need no help what-so-ever. Nor do I need your shit prayers. Nor do your pathetic and irrelevant comments hold weight. And there's no need to feel sorry for me. If you knew anything about me, YOU would need the help coping with all of the envy. I might be a little rude, but not at all "hateful". Again... if you can only comment on irrelevant comments, drawn by a total lack of knowledge of another, this convo is over. Thanks for the laughs, though.

"This convo is over"? So he thinks he calls the shots. Uh-uh!! He'll be back. I know he will! LOL! And I fully know what he's going to say. This is what my response was:

You may not want my prayers dude, but you've got them anyway. And you definitely need help. It's sad that you don't see that.

BTW, what have I got to envy? Sorry, but your comment is unclear on that. So far, all I feel is sorry for you. Nowhere near feeling envy.

Part of his ego booster I guess to claim I'm envious of him. Shoot no! I envy no one who has his attitude. Why should I? I'm proud of myself managing to keep my cool while he has completely lost it. I don't envy him at all! In fact, my actions show the World who has the better character, and it isn't him. Anyway, he added this to his last comment:

P.S. That really is pathetic... you going to my profile and trying to scrape up any piece of information about me to try and back up your stupid comments. Nice try though. Tah tah.

Again, his profile is PUBLIC. I don't believe YouTube has where someone can make their profile private. Here is my response to this comment:

If you didn't want that info to get out, then why did you post it on your profile? And you still never answered my question. Avoiding it are you?

You don't need glasses to be able to see what his problem is with me. I'm too smart for him and he knows it. He just doesn't want to admit it. But my strategy is working, and I'm getting in some great practice!!!! His IQ is 135? Well, I beat him by 4 points, my IQ was measured at 139. So if I am stupid, he is at least 4 points stupider than me!! LOL!!! Don't even try going there with me dude!!!! My sis Anna's even higher in IQ points than me. She even made the dean's list at her college!

Oh yes, and I heard from our little vegetarian friend tonight. Yankovic1234! I hadn't heard from him in several days! Well, this is what he sent me tonight in PMs:

you know what meat eater your nine times more likely to be obese than me and when you die i'll live ten years longer than the age you died also your twice more likly to have heart problems than me also your more likely to hive tipe two diabetes BITCH!

I see he is getting desperate again. I already am obese, and he knew that before. As for who dies first, who is he fooling?? My grandma ate nothing but veggies throughout her young life, and she almost died before she was 50. She had developed a condition called pernicious anemia, which is from a total lack of vitamin B-12 in your diet, delivered in a way that only eating meat can supplement. You can't get that kind of vitality from veggies, tofu or pills. Well, I responded to him with this message:

Wow! Thanks for the message, and still showing the World what a jerk you vegetarians are! Another post in the blog! :P
Anyway, my BP is normal, my heart rate is normal. All those years of mountain climbing secured my future, fat or not. But if you keep up this attitude, your BP will be high by the time you're my age, and heart rate will be abnormal. Vegetarian or no vegetarian. Know why? Because spending all your time worrying about what someone else is doing causes STRESS!!! Chill out! My life aint none of your business anyway, and you can bitch and moan all you want to it won't change anything.

I really hate getting all angry with teenagers, but this dude is beginning to bother me. If he goes on too long, I'm going to have to block him. Because I don't want to keep repeating the same thing over and over and over to a head so hard, it refuses to take in new info. And I really don't have to explain myself to him! I could just block him now if I want to, and let him waste his years away worrying about what I'm doing.


Anna said...

That first dude, is he a 20 year old? Because he sure does sound like it.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

That's the one thing his profile doesn't say. But he's a bartender and a teacher so I don't know. Maybe he's in his upper 20s with the mentality of a teenager.