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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Do You Think Of This?

So Obama has been making promises, some he has kept and some he has not kept. He's been fast-acting, I'll hand him that! Now, I understand he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. My question is: why? What has he done to deserve it? For sending more American troups into Afghanistan? Making our war with them much worse? Naw!!! Half of the time, I wonder if Obama has been actually reading these bills he's been passing, and if this man everyone else deems as intelligent has been thinking of the long-term consequences of his actions. I admit Pres. Bush has put this country in a bad state, Obama has done a little to get it back up. But very little. Now it seems he wants to make the war between us and Afghanistan much worse.

So why is he even being given the Nobel Peace Prize with little more going than a promise to bring peace to our country? It hasn't happened yet! Even Obama himself was shocked by the nomination. And one of his informants has told him "Now go out and earn it!" So he hasn't earned it yet?? What is with the Nobel Prize committee??? It used to be that a person had to earn that award, they didn't just hand it out! But I guess those days are no more. So I guess I could make a promise to end World suffering and Boom!! I'll be given the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn't have to lift a finger! Just make a promise. That's funny!!

WTG Obama! You've just given the phrase "working for a living" an all new meaning!

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