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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Golf Skins Challenge

I've just received word that Tim Farriss will be competing in the Australia vs. New Zealand Golf Skins Challenge for 2009. WTG Timmy!!! I am definitely rooting for him! He will of course be competing for Australia, along with many other celebrities, brought together by Streetworx, and it is a charitable event. The money raised will be going to different charities, including youth charities, in Australia and New Zealand.

Streetworx is a charity that helps the disadvantaged youth that would otherwise turn to the streets for activities. It helps children see how important education really is. Though I sometimes find it very hard to like today's children, if there is a program that in any way keeps kids from becoming delinquents, I'm all for it!!! And I take pride in saying my favorite celeb of all time is helping to raise money for this event!

If you want to learn more about the celebs competing in this event, you can view them all here. Tim will be playing against Jimmy Barnes, a man who I believe he is also very good friends with. Click on the images to read more about each competitor. I love Tim's description, it describes him to a T!! It says "A guitarist of considerable skill - and a man with wit and wisdom to match - Tim is the heart of INXS in many ways." That's the Timmy I know and love!!! And ohh! He looks so damn CUTE in that hat!!!!!!


mikessa said...

Tim plays golf????

He doesnt look like the type that plays golf. Its always some geeky, quiet, boring dresser type dude that I usually see play golf.

If I were to pick a sport for Tim, he looks more of the baseball type. He's got good buns, and good muscles. He probably could hit a home run farther than Babe Ruth ever did.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well, Baseball is not an Australian sport. But I heard he does play Cricket, golf and he also does fishing.

Anna said...

What's cricket?

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Actually, it is kinda like baseball. But not quite.